Dry Freight

At Barsa Transport, we have a complete team of well-trained and experienced professionals, ready to advise you and recommend precisely on the kind of truck or trailer equipment, that you would need for your dry freight services. Depending on the particular shipment, the services are likely to vary from one place to another. Our trailer configurations and specifications remain standard in industry with vans, which can be measured as 53 L X 102 W or 48 L X 96 or 102 W. Checking on our dry freight services:

The interior dimensions of trailers are important enough to ensure that the shipment is likely to fit properly. We are here to handle our dry freight shipments on full truck loaded or less than truckload services. Businesses, associated with dry freight will unknowingly contact the truckload carriers and pay for the service. But, it is advisable to have a chat beforehand with our experts. They will ensure the amount of products need to be delivered, and will provide matching trailer for your needs. It means you do not have to break your products into different segments, just to fit into the trailer or trucks.

More about our vans: Whenever you are thinking about any semitrailer, you probably think of a dry van, first. Our dry vans are long box trailers, matching with the iconic dry van look and style. These vans are considered as some of the most proficient tools in the entire freight transportation services. These vans are quite cost effective to build, and will keep your goods in the safest manner possible. Our trucks are designed in such a manner, which will help in keeping the crates, boxes and even loose form of cargo, all secured within the trucks.

We are here defined as national network of dry van trucking firms, crossing some  national borders now.