Basra Resources

At our company, we believe in employing some of the highly dedicated and skilled resources that can take care of the requirements of the customers in every step. We carry out a special screening and recruitment process to ensure that we have selected the best candidates. Once selected, we also give special training to our staffs so that they deliver excellent quality services and live up to the expectations of our customers, both old and new. We have a separate sales and operation team, and they look into different aspects of the international trucking and shipping.

We have centralized customer service for 24/7 so that you get consistent and reliable service. Apart from that, we have even implemented a proactive system for managing issues so that customers are fully aware of the movement of the freight. Our resources are also fully capable of EDI so that they can handle different types of transactions. The sophistication of technology has also helped us to frame a fully computerized operational environment so that details and updates are automated. We even offer the GPS tracking facility that comes with real time updates with different handheld units.

Our web services even ensure that documents can be sent and received electronic. This will make things easier for our customers and keep tracks of the transactions. We have partnered with terminal networks in order to handle things that are beyond shipments. As a result, there is no question of hassle. We are even proud to offer the ratio of 99% claims free helping our customers to rely on us and our abilities.

Thus, shipping will be simplified like never before and you will be more than happy to receive our services. We can create a difference in shipping and gift you an experience like never before. Therefore, go for it.