Reefer Services

Barsa Transport’s dedicated reefer specialists are working with young and extensive fleet of technically advanced reefer containers. We are here to ensure that the cargo will be shipped under précised temperature control, from origin to destination. Join hands with our Advanced Fresh Air Management Plus service, along with ultra-cool Magnum containers. These services are used for preserving delicate cargo in the most proficient condition.

We are proud of our extensive range of network, which is currently spanning around the world. From us, you can always enjoy competitive transit services, where your cargo is destined to reach. We are here to offer you with the most promising Reefer services, which you will find from nowhere else.

Choosing Us As Your Best Guide :

Even though, there are so many logistic companies, ready to offer you with reefer services, but you can always procure the best one, from our side.

  • We are happy to transport some perishable commodities. Our carrier trailers have the exact humidity, temperature, atmosphere and stowing commodity, used for preserving the quality of any of your perishable items, mostly during the transit services.
  • We are termed as your dedicated form of reefer specialists, offering one-stop form of customer service from current booking enquiry for technical support. Our current team of trained technicians on board vessels along with terminals ensures that the cargo is placed under maximum security along with close supervision around the clock.
  • Our reefer equipment is mostly designed for best service, and manufactured using top-notch quality. We ensure that the reefers can function in a perfect manner with extreme conditions and commit stringent testing, along with extensive research on each of the reefer.
  • These are some of the best services, which we have in store, just for the sake of expert services. Join hands with our reefer services and we would like to help you in the most prompt manner.