Our Safety Policy

Barsa Transport provides logistic services and distribution centers, which comprise of transport, warehousing  operations within the surrounded locality. We are here to plan the business management systems along with processes, used for satisfying and identifying the customer centric requirements. Furthermore, we would like to deal with the regulatory and statutory requirements, which can further apply to the current operations.

Furthermore, we are going to use management systems, which further help in supporting achievement of business objectives. It further helps in providing cash flow, profitability and customer satisfaction. For achieving these results, we have a series of business quality objectives, which have been associated to finance, health and safety, environment, operations and employees. These objectives are here to be reviewed in an annual manner.

Other than reviewing the policy annually, a further copy will be displayed in some of the suitable areas. Here, at Barsa, we strongly believe that the injuries are preventable and no task is as important as safety of clients. The fundamental for achieving this vision is holding each worker, which includes responsible, management and accountable for safety and health.It provides training to work in a safe manner, and enable consultation along with engagement. It is vital to work in a safe manner for any kind of employment arrangements.

Barsa Is Likely To Be Specifically Undertaken To:

  • Driving continuous improvements through measurable safety and health objectives along with targets.
  • Comply with all the industrial standards and statutory requirements.
  • We are again going to ensure contractors, employees, visitors and customers to understand obligations with respect to safety and health.
  • Our customers are here to receive facilities, required resources, tools, plant and equipment for maximum people working safely.
  • We are proactive in identifying hazards in workplace, reviewing incidents and further identifying the current workplace safety and health risks.
  • We will further demonstrate the logistic services effectively and in safety leadership!